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The Ford Focus: 2012’s Success Story

It’s no secret that the name Ford has been synonymous with quality engineering for decades. But one of its most popular and enduring models has become the biggest selling car in the world this year. Why? The Ford Focus is a masterpiece of smart design coupled with the heritage of […]

History of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a bastion of British roads and one of the iconic brands of the last 30 years. The Civic first went on sale in the UK in 1993 and has since become a brand renowned for reliability and build quality. Where the products of other manufacturers are […]

Favorite Animation Movie: Cars 2!

It is almost week-end guys! And I know it must have been a rough week for you since all we do is work and work, but at least some hours on the week-end should be reserved to having a relaxing and good time. And what is the best medicine to […]

Fabulous and Entertaining Cars Games For Kids!

I have been put recently in the position of taking care of some kids, who happened to have the energy of their life. Now, I know I am not 50 years old (which is not old either!), but I still think that these kids should have a stop button. Or […]

The Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta Compared

Now that gasoline costs almost $4 a gallon, the small auto market segment is the hottest in the United States. The Ford Fiesta and Focus are both small cars, and anyone visiting a Ford dealership will wonder which is better. Ford executives attributed the faltering sales performance of the Fiesta […]

Get the Cheapest Cars for Sale in Chicago!

  Chicago is one of the most beautiful and most populated cities in the US. It offers so many beautiful places and recreational locations that you simply cannot resist its sweetness. Its climate, wonderful landscapes and architecture are famous among the lovers of this city, but the entertaining nightlife, the […]

Check these Cars for Sale and Choose Your Favorite One!

I have been wanting to buy a car for some time now, but due to my lack of time and money I wasn’t able to do a pretty good job. The truth is that I am not forced to do it, so I have plenty of space and a long […]

Carsoup Should Not Miss From Your Online Garage!

A business is always a good thing to start, especially if you have passion and commitment. But nowadays even if you are fabulous in what you do and offer, you still have to promote your deal in every possible manner. The more people show interest in your business, the faster […]

The 2004 Mazda RX8 Gets A “Carbonic” Tuning!

The tuning of the week presents us the amazing 2004 Tuned Mazda RX8 with a Veilside Widebody Kit and Ace Wheels. Simply perfect, I might say!   The Widebody Kit includes a carbon fiber exterior, custom House of Kolors gray paint,  20-inch Ace wheels, an APR carbon fiber wing, Fujitsubo […]

Audi A7 Gets Awesome Vossen Rims!

The newest, the fastest, the hottest! This is what we can say about Audi A7. Although it has not appeared in any auto show, we first had the chance to see it launch in July 2010. Now that the tuners at Vossen decided to combine it with their latest  CV5 […]