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Upcoming Trends in Car Technology

Many big players in the automobile industry have been trying to incorporate new computer technology into cars over the past years. If you are a car enthusiast, then these trends would definitely be of interest to you. Here are some of the most popular trends that the future has in […]

Motoring Costs Calculator from Motorparks

Motoring Costs Calculator is an online tool, launched by British car dealership Motorparks, and is aimed at motorists looking to discover the running costs of their current car is costing them, as well as drivers in the market for a new car but with a set budget in mind. While using […]

The Best Road Trip Cars Have These Qualities

There are few greater feelings in life than driving in the glorious sunshine, surrounded by your nearest and dearest. If this sounds like your dream kind of summer holiday, then you are by no means alone. A road trip is in many ways the ideal summer getaway. The great thing […]

3 City Cars You Can Rely On

Source: Wikimedia Buying a new city car can be a real minefield sometimes. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of average ones out there; only great ones and terrible ones! Obviously, it doesn’t feel great to drive off a lot and realise that you bought a bad city car. […]

The Most Advanced Cars Available Today

The automotive industry is moving at breakneck speed. This is partly because driving innovations help to keep our roads safe and partly because the industry has been decimated by the recession. There’s a genuine need to keep pushing, a very real demand for automotive evolution. This is why we’re seeing […]

The Lowest Maintenance Cars On The Market

Sometimes, you just can’t afford that pillar-box red Lotus in the window of your local car dealership. No matter how much you want it, it’s always about £20,000 over your budget. Everybody’s got to have a dream, though and one day – one day you’ll be driving a MINI that’s […]

Cars of the future

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Important tips and suggestions for car servicing for motorists!

Automobiles just like any other machine requires regular up keep and servicing. In case proper care is not taken then your vehicles performance may start to decrease and may cost you more in the long run. This is the main reason why car servicing is essential these days. In case […]

I love Car Tuning and Modified Cars

Carztune.com was born from the desire to read and write the most interesting articles about tuned cars and the desire to see the finest modified cars, both aesthetically and technically. Passion on tuned cars is for more and more people, so that, by presenting the latest and most interesting tuned […]

Accuracy and precision: the tech behind the vehicle industry

In the beginning, constructing an automobile was a painstaking process, with the majority of the assembly of a new vehicle done completely by hand and by an actual person. Basic machines, tools and materials were used to construct these early vehicles, many of which are still driving the highways and […]