Carlsson Tuning is Transforming!

  No more Carlsson Tuning Company? According to the latest news, Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd bought 70% of the shares of Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH. For now on, we know that Zhongsheng runs several dealerships in China and plans to improve their cars in an outstanding manner. According to Huang Yi, […]

The 2013 Nissan Sentra Is Revealed!

I don’t even know when the week has flew by, so in order to finish it well, we must end with some news about the 2013 Nissan Sentra. Recently revealed, this wonderful car teaches us a lot about fashion and quality, although we cannot say that it has experienced great changes. […]

Porsche Reloaded Style!

  I am sure that the true fans have heard about the Champion Motorsports tuning firm and what miracles it can bring to life. For example, they have turned a 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S into a gorgeous Porsche 911 GT3 RSR race car.   Trying to enhance the performance […]

Toyota Prius Becomes Sportier!

All set and ready to start a new week. Or we are not? Yes, because despite the hot weather and all the troubles that can “kill” us day by day, we can still come in a place like this and enjoy the latest tunings. Like the one given to Toyota […]

Tuning of the Day: Honda CR-Z!

Among the tunings of the day we can find ourselves a beautiful Honda CR-Z. Although known to the naked eye for the award received in 2011 (Most-Efficient Two Seater given by the EPA), this Honda brings much more to the market. The latest tuning features black seat fabric, Crystal Black […]

Suzuki Escudo Gets a Facelift!

Japan is so lucky! Suzuki has revealed a new Escudo (also known as  Grand Vitara in the U.S) ready to hit the road in a new facelift. This includes a new grille, new front bumper,tinted headlights and a slight change for the rear, where the reserve tire is no longer […]

Scion FR-S Gets an APR Performance!

Even if the smell of the weekend is making us all feel so dizzy, some of us still work their asses of. APR Performance is one of these people and we really appreciate the new aerodynamic body kit presented to us. I know they have really worked for it. Scion […]

Everybody In for Scion FR-S Canada!

No Facebook, no life! Now that we have established that, it is safe to say that you can find anything you want on facebook, including tuning companies which keep us updated with the latest news. For example, Fox Marketing have announced their partnership with Yonaka Motorsports for the sake of […]

Going to New Jersey? Buy a Great Car!

While in highschool I learnt that there will always be a place or a person that can sell anything. And I do mean anything! When we wanted something it was this guy Al who was always available and brought us everything we needed. This probably prepared us for the future […]