How to Sell Your Car the Easy Way

It’s hard and painful, but sometimes you will have to take this step in order to make room for a something new. Yes, selling your car is not an easy step, but you will have to do it. And when time comes you have to be prepared for it! So […]

When Do You Need to Change the Brake Fluid?

Cars are amazing just the way they are. If you wouldn’t have to maintain them they would be perfect, but let’s not ask for more than what we can get. When it comes to car maintenance, the issue of brake fluid is a very important aspect. But how do you […]

Are Electric Cars Always Greener?

Electric cars have been seen as the solution to pollution and to the reduction of fuel consumption. The number of people who have become aware of their role in environmental issues has risen and by replacing their gasoline and diesel powered cars with electric ones they believe they are doing […]

Driving Tips That Will Help You Save Gas

It comes as no surprise to anyone that gas is expensive. Going for a ride is no longer fun when you know you have to pay the big bucks to fuel your car. And since summer is already here and we have to begin thinking about vacation, it’s impossible not […]

Infographic: Car Safety For New Parents

Being a new parent is not an easy task. My sister-in-law is 9 months and a half pregnant and the little munchkin doesn’t seem to want to come out. So she can surely confirm that the stress reaches its peaks when you are waiting for the star of the show […]

Live a New Adventure with Michelin

Trust is hard to achieve, especially in the field of business. You have to make sure that your clients receive what they want and need without hurting their budget or products. This is why building a reputation requires time, patience and attitude. Michelin can tell you more about this, for […]

220 bhp Autodelta GT JTS Super

Autodelta is proud to introduce its latest bespoke model, the 220 bhp Autodelta GT JTS Super, the first forced-induction version of the JTS-engined Alfa Romeo GT to arrive on the market worldwide. The Autodelta GT JTS Super was officially unveiled last week by Autodelta’s authorised Greek dealer, Auto Corse, at […]

Power with Hennessey Z700

Porsche customers who want something more “hard” can opt for 911 GT2 or GT3 RS, passionate for the Viper ACR model … but what happens to owners who will ZR1 something more extreme? Response was given by the Americans Hennessey: Z700. The new model will be manufactured in only 24 […]

The 3 Best Cars For Tuning

Nowadays, the car has to be more versatile than ever before. A car to take the kids to football training in, a car to take us to work and a car for travelling, we need a car to be a 4×4, a sports car and a saloon all in one. […]

What Not To Do When Tuning Your Car

Car tuning is big business in the United States. Tuning parts and accessories are a sought-after commodity in the motor industry here. That’s because car owners are keen to get the best out of their vehicles and are willing to spend whatever is necessary to do so. From the factory, […]