What Will Driverless Cars Mean for Auto Insurance?

Driverless cars are immensely popular in some parts of the country and the phenomenon is only going to grow as more companies begin to make the cars and more states pass laws allowing their use.  At this time, 9 states have passed legislation allowing the use of autonomous cars.  Some […]

The Best Compact Battery Jump Starters

Car starters are lead-acid batteries stored in a plastic box with jumper cables. Just like every battery, they have to be charged every once in a while, but they are quite convenient in providing you with power just when you need them the most. https://bestjumpstarterreview.com/  For more reviews of jump starters […]

How to replace car keys?

Most of us don’t realise how valuable our car keys are until we lose them, they get stolen or stop working. The situation becomes more dramatic when you cannot access your car and you are stranded in an inappropriate location, away from your home and working place. However, it’s a […]

Car Infotainment System Tips: Understand What Drives Bluetooth Connectivity

Back in 2010, it was predicted that over 90% of cars newly released onto the market in 2016 would have Bluetooth. This estimate has certainly come true. With so many technological advances cropping up in our cars as the years go by, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. […]

5 ways Technology is impacting the Auto Industry

Technology is impacting our lives in just about every facet.  One thing people in America do pretty much every day is drive r ride in a vehicle.  Technology is drastically changing our relationships with cars and automakers are trying to capitalize on these changes.  Whether it is something as simple […]

Microloans versus Car Title Loans

“It’s easy to get a loan unless you need it.” Norman Ralph Augustine Do you urgently need a short-term cash injection; What does your credit profile look like? Are you able to trim any more fat off your budget? How do other people cope? I suspect that most of working […]

Understanding 4WD and AWD Systems

Do you get confused by the different drive systems that car makers use to provide power to all four wheels? Don’t feel bad, you aren’t alone. There are many different systems out there and the terminology they use doesn’t help the situation. In this article, we will explore the basics […]

HPI Checks Explained: Understanding the Issues They Might Uncover

‘HPI check’ is a term that most motorists will be familiar with, but many have only the vaguest understanding of what such a process entails. The letters stand for ‘historic to present information’, and the aim of the test is to give you as much detail as possible on the […]

Understanding Traction Control

Traction control systems are available on many cars today yet few people know how they work. If that describes you, don’t be too upset, the manufacturers don’t do a very good job of explaining it. The first thing to know is that traction control systems do not increase traction. Consider when […]

How Turn Signals Work

Turn signals were developed over a hundred years ago to solve a serious problem: to indicate what direction a motor vehicle is intending to travel. To state the obvious, when other drivers knew what direction a nearby vehicle was going, it made it easier to avoid driving into it. This […]