Info To Know Before You Lease a Car

Car leasing is the use of a vehicle for a fixed period of time at an agreed amount of money for the lease. Car leasing is one of the most misunderstood processes out in the auto and transportation industry. Some people will tell you that car leasing is a bad […]

How to Give Your Car a Deep Clean and Makeover

When you see a vehicle speeding down the street next to you, the first thing on your mind isn’t the engine, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, the onboard computers or even amount of space in the back. Instead, the first thing on your mind is probably the appearance of […]

The rising trend of dash cams

These days insurance premiums are constantly on the rise, driving skills are on the decline, and damage done to a vehicle while parked happens more often than not. Because of these three examples, dash cameras are on the rise and this article will point out a few reasons why. Insurance […]

Top 3 Benefits of Leasing When It’s Time for a New Car

There was a time when many Americans went every second or third year to trade their vehicle in on a newer model. For most of us, those days are long gone. If they weren’t a thing of the past when the bottom dropped out of the economy back in ’08, […]

Repair Or Replace: When Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Car?

It’s only natural to become pretty attached to your car. After all, it often means so much more to you than just four wheels and a metal frame. Think about all of the memories that you’ve made in your car. The road trips, the long conversations, blasting your favorite songs […]

Can You Really Trust A Car Dealer?

Buying a car is a pretty stressful and difficult process for a lot of people. Of course, there are those who can throw cash down onto a dealer’s desk and ask for the keys to anything they want, but that’s hardly the majority. On top of the financial commitment that […]

Debunking The Misconceptions Of A First-Time Driver

Image: Taking those first steps into the world of driving is exciting, scary, and unfamiliar in equal measures. While you cannot do much to remove the fears, adding a sense of familiarity will increase your enjoyment. With this in mind, increasing your knowledge is a vital part of the pre-driving […]

Avoiding Car Leasing Mistakes: Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing

When you need a new car, but can’t really afford or don’t want to pay the huge amount of money necessary to buy a brand new one, leasing is the best option. However, in the excitement of driving around in a brand new car of your choice at a much […]

What To Do During A Roadside Emergency

If you happen to be going on a road trip, it is always to prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios. For example, if you are touring around Australia, it is always a good idea to get yourself some roadside assistance in Melbourne from Roadside Response, because if your car […]

5 Tips For Selling a Used Car

Your car gave you a few good years of service. Now you must part with and sell it, you just need to know how to start. Let us help you. Consult our list before you start the car selling process. Clean and Fix Create a checklist of all areas to clean. […]