Taking Your Car Abroad? Read This

Taking your car abroad requires you to jump through a few hoops to make sure everything is above board and accounted for. This post takes a look at the things you’ll need to do to take your car with you out of your home country. The rules and regulations for […]

What US vehicle buyers should know

Relatively low interest rates The US consumer find himself in a situation where interest rates is somewhat lower than they were in recent years which should help to avoid unnecessary defaults when it comes to the payment of debts. In recent times the interest rates which is charged on new-car […]

US vehicle sales at an all-time high

The best sales in more than a decade The US motor vehicle market finds itself in a situation where the amount of outstanding motor vehicle debt is now exceeding the amount of $1 trillion. There are several contributing factors such as the fact that the average payment for new vehicles […]

Decoding Your VIN Number

A VIN number gives you unique information about your car. The information includes manufacturer identifiers, vehicle descriptors, check digit, model year, plant code, and production sequence numbers. Because each car has a unique VIN number, you can look up your VIN number and find out information pertaining specifically to your […]

Everything You Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s O2 Sensor

Have you ever been driving down the road and noticed—with a start—that your orange “Check Engine” light is flashing? This is almost never a good thing, and can fill any vehicle owner with panic. You hope the issue is minor and that it won’t be any great burden to repair—but […]

Four Practical Accessories for Your Car

Driving around is the ultimate kind of freedom. You can go anywhere and do anything, but you have to keep your car in good working order. You have to make sure that you are driving with the right kind of accessories. You also need something to keep your car running […]

How To Make Sure You Get A Good Deal On Your Next Motor At Your Local Car Supermarket

There is so much to think about when buying a new car. However, there are also a wide array of factors that need to be considered to ensure that you walk away with a good deal at your local car supermarket. Check them out below! ‘Click Here For Flickr Link’ […]

How to increase your car’s gas mileage

Doing things to increase the gas mileage of your car pays off immediately. And the basic concept is simple: you will spend less money on gas if you increase your car’s efficiency in using it. Here’s a few techniques that you can apply right away. Inflate your tires to the […]

The Michigan Madman

As most people who the biggest name in motorcycle stunt events is and they will likely say Evel Knievel.  Yet there were others that toured the country doing outrageous things with motorcycles that caught quite a bit of press at the time.  One of these is E.J. Potter, also known […]

Applying Custom Decals to Your Car or Truck

Custom decals can really jazz up your vehicle and you don’t need to pay a professional to put them on your car or truck. It’s definitely a DIY-level project if you are handy. Think you might be interested?  Here’s a guide to installing them. 1 – First, give your car […]