Why Car Dealerships Are Turning to Live Chat Apps

While automobile sales themselves remain a brick-and-mortar business, dealerships need to recognize that more and more of their customers are researching online. Websites see far more traffic than actual showrooms these days, but to most salespeople, all of those online hits aren’t worth much. In order to make the most […]

Infographic: Alternative Road Sign Meanings

To celebrate commonly misconstrued and misleading signs, Car Keys presented a list of their favourites. Source: Car Keys

Top Reasons Why Young People Are More Dangerous On The Road

You don’t have to look too far to find statistics revealing you are more likely to crash a car if you are a young driver. Everyone knows it, from insurers through to accident lawyers. But, still, the number of young drivers crashing continues to increase. Today, we’re going to have […]

Reading Vehicle Identification Numbers and Why it Matters

Learning how to read a VIN (vehicle identification number) is very important, particularly if you intend to purchase a used vehicle. You must be savvy as a consumer, and knowing how to locate the VIN, knowing what each alphanumerical character means, and knowing how to use this number to identify […]

Here’s How You Can Enjoy Your Car for as Long as Possible

Car owners rely on their vehicles for so many things from shopping to getting them to work. So, as a car owner yourself, it’s important to preserve your motor as much as possible. This means you’ve got to take care of your car so you can enjoy it as much […]

Quick And Easy Tips For When You’re Traveling By Limousine

Travelling by limousine is fun and exclusive. But for many of us, it’s a rare experience. It’s the sort of thing we only do on very special occasions like weddings and stag/hen parties. That’s why, when the opportunity to use a limousine does come around we want to be able […]

Car title loans

There are many ways to get cash but to really get that fast and easy cash, a title loan is certainly one of the best ways. It is a fast and easy way to acquire cash using your title deeds. You will get your title back as soon as the […]

Nearly half of all cars checked on mycarcheck.com in 2015 had at least one warning

Mycarcheck.com provide vehicle checks which alert potential car buyers to possible issues with a car. By using the car’s registration number (VRM), information is provided which shows if the car has been written off, is stolen or has outstanding debt. This information allows the potential buyer to negotiate a better […]

How Much Should You Help Your Kids With Their First Car?

When it comes to helping your kids get their first car, opinions run the gamut regarding how much help to be. On the one hand, you’ve got the sink-or-swim parents who can’t or won’t provide any aid whatsoever, because suffering builds character or whatever. On the other hand, you’ve got […]

Choosing the Best Motor Oil for Your Car – Synthetic vs Conventional

One of the biggest problems many car owners seem to encounter is really a self-made issue. Most drivers simply don’t change their oil often enough and it turns to sludge before they finally do something about it. The word out there is that synthetic oil is actually better for your […]